Audrea Gause of Troy was arrested back in July for forging checks and falsely claiming that she was injured during the Boston bombing, stating that she had received a traumatic brain injury during this tragedy. Gause was caught after trying to pay for a house in cash and is now due in court to find out what her charges will be.The charity that Gause is accused of scamming is The One Fund. It's believed that Gause submitted forged documents from both Boston Medical Center and Albany Medical Center to The One Fund. Back in June, Gause was approved for $480,000 that was transferred to her account in July of this year.

The One Fund in Boston was formed to help the victims and families of the Boston Marathon bombings.

I still can't believe how anyone could take from the needy. To be in the state of mind where you feel little to no guilt for your actions is puzzling. Willing to step over who ever you can just to improve your life is very selfish.

Way too often does this kind of story make its way in to the headlines. I guess we will see how this story plays out for Gause. If guilty, I hope that someday she will realize robbing the needy is a soulless crime and will feel the need to give back anyway she can.