Through the years music has continually changed, but rock music remains a constant. There is always a band on the cusp of making something great, but what albums are the greatest? What albums have transcended time and to this day still are just as powerful as they were when they first came out. Each decade has it's breakthrough albums that define a generation and continue to inspire others all these years later. So of all of them, which are the 10 best rock albums of all time?

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    Pearl Jam "Ten"

    The worst thing that Pearl Jam ever did was release their best album as their first album. This is one of the defining records of the 90's grunge scene that helped to kill the 80's hair metal scene. Pearl Jam has had hits off of other records over the years, but nothing can compare to "Ten".

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    Rush "Moving Pictures"

    A record that kicks off with a song like 'Tom Sawyer', followed by 'Red Barchetta', then 'YYZ' and 'Limelight' is just a recipe for success. Rush probably didn't realize what an iconic record they were making at the time but it is arguably their best record. It's the first album i ever heard by them which lead me into their past stuff and I have been a loyal Rush fan ever since.

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    Queen "A Night at the Opera"

    The fourth album by Queen, this is a masterpiece of rock music. Always a little bit different than the conventional rock band, Queen blew people away on this record with songs like 'Sweet lady', 'God Save the Queen' and of course, 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. This is also some of Freddy Mercury's greatest vocal work.

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    The Jimi Hendrix Experience "Electric Lady Land"

    This is the final album of original material put out by the Jimi Hendrix Experience. This album really showcases Hendrix's musical ability as it crosses over several genres. Plus it contains the most iconic Hendrix tune of all time, 'Voodoo Child (Slight Return)'.

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    Guns N' Roses "Appetite For Destruction"

    Never has a debut album ever had such a lasting impact. Every single song on Appetite is a classic. It held the number 1 spot for 4 weeks on the Billboard Top 200 and a total of 147 weeks on the chart total. pretty good for a little club band from the Los Angeles strip. Sure Guns had some other terrific records, but the sound they had on Appetite will always be what defined them as one of the most bad ass rock bands on the planet.

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    AC/DC "Back in Black"

    The first record without the late Bon Scott became the bands most successful. "Back in Black" is a tribute to the bands late singer and is still one of the biggest selling records of all time. No one does straight forward rock like AC/DC and it's not better than it is on this record. You can listen to it front to back over and over and never get sick of it.

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    Nirvana "Nevermind"

    Arguably the bands best album, it was certainly their biggest with songs like 'Lithium', 'In Bloom', 'Come As You Are', and the iconic 'Smells like Teen Spirit'. Kurt Cobain's ability to combine hard rock vibe with a catchy pop chorus are evident here. It was critically acclaimed and 20 years later is still one of if not the best albums of the 90's.

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    The Beatles "Abbey Road"

    It was the final record that the band recorded all together, "Abbey Road" is iconic for a number of reasons. The cover itself is one of the most famous of all time. Rolling Stone called it the greatest Beatle album in 2009. It was also the best selling album of 1969. "Abbey Road" happens to be my favorite album by the band.

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    Pink Floyd "Dark Side of the Moon"

    It was an album meant to be preformed live. It remained on the Billboard charts for 741 weeks, longer than any other album in history. It is not only the bands most commercially successful album but it is also one of the greatest selling albums of all time. Hard to argue, songs like 'Money', 'Time', 'On the Run', 'Brain Damage' and so many more. An absolutely brilliant record.

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    Led Zeppelin IV

    Where do you being with this record? Every single song on it is a Zeppelin classic. 'Black Dog', 'Rock n Roll', 'When the Levee Breaks' and my personal favorite, 'Misty Mountain Hop'. Let us not forget the iconic 'Stairway to Heaven' which right in the middle of the album. This record would go on to be the best selling Zeppelin record, their most commercially successful, and most critically acclaimed. Plus there is no denying that Led Zeppelin is the best rock band of all time. So at number 1, Led Zeppelin IV.