Say what you want.. with another snow storm on its way to the Capital Region.  This January is only the sixth snowiest on record.  Yikes!

In the 126 years since snowfall totals were tracked, its too early to tell how this year will rank against record seasons.   So far we had 33.8 inches for the month at the Albany International Airport.   The current seasonal total of 46.9 inches is less than half what fell in the top 5 snowfall years.   Before you complain about shoveling snow again think about this in 1981-1982 Albany received 97.1 inches of snow, in 1890-91 99.6", 2002-03  105.4", 1887-88 110" and 1970-71 112.5"!!!

Fun for skiers, or headaches for snow removal, we still have all of February and March to go.  With Groundhogs day on Wednesday I predict its 6 more weeks of Winter, Spring cant come fast enough!

Now the national weather service has issued a winter storm warning. This storm could possibly produce 15-30 inches of snow, plus possibly mixing with sleet, in some places. Starting with 2-6 inches on Tuesday, then another 2-4 inches Tuesday night, plus 10-16 inches on Wednesday, and another 1-4 inches, Wednesday night. This is going to be fun!