If you went to the Aerosmith show at the Times Union Center Friday night, then you probably stopped by the say hi the Q103. And why wouldn't you?

Aerosmith hit Albany, and left no survivors. Okay, maybe that's a little drastic, but they did put on one hell of a show. Too bad they didn't come to our little party before hand, out side of the Times Union Center. If you happened to stop by, you got to chill out and play a little 'tic-tac-Tyler'. It was our version of 'tic-tac-toe', just with Steven Tyler's face.

Everyone was lined up to play for a chance at prizes. BJ and Aspen played to the crowd, while the Q-Tease (Jen and Katelyn) tried to keep things under control. Thanks to everyone who stopped by a,d tried to play for a prize - and sucked, I might add. You really need to work on your bean bag tossing Albany, seriously. Checkout the photos below.