The first Lambeau Leap happened Dec 26th 1993 vs. the Raiders. Reggie White recovered a fumble and gave a lateral pass to LeRoy Butler who ran it in for the TD and then leapt towards the fans who helped pull him up the rest of the way. Since then it’s been done many a times,

but my favorite story about it was a time that Antonio Freeman did it and a woman complained that he spilt her beer. So Freeman told her he’d buy her another. Wouldn’t you know that when he left the stadium she was there waiting for him. Antonio kept his word and actually bought her a beer across the street. That’s awesome!

So, what are the odds of a Lambeau Leap in the Super Bowl? I hear it’s 5-4. I wish my sportsbook offered that because I think that sounds like a pretty safe bet. I mean, you know there’s got to be some Packer fans that will be in the first row of the end zones right? And it would be shocking to me if Green Bay doesn’t cross the goal line at least once, and probably many more!