Apps have gained popularity over the years through Apples devices like the iTouch, iPhone, and iPad. I told myself I would never purchase any of those for my iTouch, but I found myself paying a couple dollars to download the Eat This Not That app since I found it easier to carry my iTouch with me rather than the book itself.  Well these portable devices are no longer the only technology pieces that utilize the downloads. This week Apple opened it's Mac App Shop for Macs. All Mac users have to do is do an Apple Software Update and the software automatically gets installed.

Since I own a Mac I decided to give the new store a look. Several of the apps are the same ones that could be found in Itunes. This isn't necessarily a bad thing because I know there are people that do not own the devices that support apps. There are a lot of free apps too, but I saw a lot more apps that cost money. I even came across a few apps that were $49, but those specific downloads seemed to be more intricate programs.

I downloaded 3 free apps to give them a try: Thoughtback Desktop, Remote Mouse, and Virus Barrier Express. The programs literally look a second to install. Thoughtback emails my ideas to me so I can refer back to them later if I am in the middle of something else. Remote Mouse allows you to turn you iPhone or iTouch into a trackpad to work off of your Mac. This is useful for presentations and keeps you from having to by a wireless mouse. I've never had anti-virus software for my Mac, but since it was one of Apple's top apps I figured I'd give the software a try. The scan was fast and did not bog down my computer. I cannot wait to try out more apps as the App Store continues to grow, and hope to submit my own app at some point.