Seriously, did the Mets organization just get the internet or something? I’m not the biggest fan of baseball but I will start just so I can hate the Mets.

You mean to tell me you are just now jumping on this “Harlem shake” crap train? Seriously? This fad has come and passed so long ago its sickening. The “Harlem Shake” fad was washed up before the Miami Heat put out a video. Their video was fun and it was still like 2 months too late. The Mets organization is so late to the dance that there isn't even anyone left. Like the Mets just walked in the door only to find an old guy with a push broom sweeping up empty plastic cups and party streamers.

What’s next for the Mets? Are you going to start trying hard to make a move and lock up a position for last year’s world serious? Or maybe you can hand out official Mets POGs at your next home game.