It has been a long time since I saw a movie that I thought deserved best picture at the Oscars, but The Kings Speech is hands down a shoe in for the big award.

Last weekend I went out to lovely Ithaca, NY for their annual Chili Festival.  The whole thing is pretty cool.  It's out doors, it the middle of winter and more hot chili than a person can handle.  Unfortunately mother nature had other plans and the festival got postponed a day due to crazy snow and wind around the Finger Lakes.  Awesome.  So me and my girlfriend are in Ithaca in the middle of winter expecting to kill the day at a festival, what do we do now?  So we decided to head to the movies.  Get out of the hotel and out of the cold.  The Kings Speech was playing at the local hippie theater and we both thought it looked pretty good.  To quote my girlfriend "I love me some Colin Firth"; I don't see the appeal, though he is a great actor.

So we headed to the theater bought our tickets and I think the movie caught us both off guard.  It was hands down one of the best films I think I have seen in my life.  The tale of King George VI and him over coming his stammer in order to deliver speeches to the people of England.  Little did he know that he would be seen as a great source of hope during World War II while London was under attack from Germany.  Also a refreshing part of the film was seeing Helena Bonham Carter not play a weirdo, which is all I thought she could play till I saw this.  The stand out actor of the film to me was Geoffry Rush who played King Georges speech therapist.  He continues to be one of the best actors on the market. The movie is one of those inspirational masterpieces that you will love.

So if you are looking for an absolutely fantastic movie to see this weekend before the Oscars, I strongly recommend The Kings Speech.  I promise you won't regret it.