In honor of the fourth annual Kegs, Eggs, and Legs I decided to countdown the sexiest beer commercials of all time. If it's one thing that we really enjoy it's beer and hot girls, and why not? They are a great combination. Put those two things together with football and you have one of the best combinations of all time.

  • 5

    ..And Twins

    I wish these commercials never went away, because even though it is morally wrong, twins are hot. The Coors Light twins were way hot, and I vote that we bring them back, who's with me?

  • 4

    The Greatest Girlfriend Ever

    This is probably just a fantasy for 99.9% of men, but for that .01% out there you guys are lucky. Never heard of Stampede Beer, but now I want some.

  • 3

    Hot Girls On Skates

    Maybe it's a Canadian thing, but I don't see to many hot girls on skates here in 'Merica and I move that we make it a winter time staple!

  • 2

    The Beer Shelf

    The good people of Guinness really pushed the envelope with this one, but it's hilarious. Degrading to women? Maybe, but I think everyone can get a laugh out of this one.

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    Greatest Bottle Opener Ever

    This is a way to ensure that every guys eyes will pop right out of their heads. Of course it has to be a Spanish commercial, but I don't think it will matter because the imagery is all you need.