It seems that every year we have way to many celebrities clogging up the news with their ridiculous antics. They are either starved for attention or can't seem to stay out of trouble. In some cases they just won't go away no matter how many times you ask them too. The life of a celebrity certainly is an interesting one. What won't people do to be famous these days?

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    Justin Bieber

    There is always one teenage superstar that makes the girls go crazy, but Justin Bieber is just plain awful. Hopefully in 2012 his voice changes for the worst and he just goes away because we need this 'Bieber fever' epidemic to end.

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    Lyndsay Lohan

    Can this girl stay out of trouble? There must be some unwritten rule that says if you are a teen celebrity than you have to spiral out of control as an adult. Lyndsay did it in a big way in 2011 when she was caught shoplifting among other things and also went to jail. Publicity stunt? Maybe? Playboy gold mine? You bet!

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    Courtney Stodden

    She's the 16 year old who famously married 50 something actor Doug Hutchison this year. After that the two of them were on every talk show imaginable and popping up in family places around the world acting highly inappropriate. Never before have we seen someone try so hard to be famous. Train wreck in training.

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    Charlie Sheen

    Where to begin with Charlie Sheen? This guy literally blew up his career in front of our eyes, again. At first it was fun to watch Charlie spiral out of control, but after a while it got old. Tiger blood this, warlock that. Charlie finally gave it a rest over the last few months and that may be the best thing he did heading into 2012.

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    The Kardashians

    Not Kim, not Kourtney, not Rob, but ALL OF THEM. These days it's hard to keep away from the Kardashians because they are everywhere. Can you believe they made Barbara Walters list of most interesting people? They did something this year that not a whole lot of people can pull off. They manufactured a fake funeral that made them tons of money and then acted like it was totally normal. It created a huge backlash, but as soon as their new show came on it got monster ratings. Why do people love them? Why won't they go away? Please help.