Has we look back at 2011 we notice that some ladies had a pretty big year. These ladies also happen to be smokin' hot. Whether it was in pop culture, movies or music these ladies made headline while also making our jaws drop. So here is a look at some of the women who grabbed our attention this past year because of their achievements, among other things. You may need a drool cup.

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    Kate Middelton

    She had a bigger wedding than Kim Kardashian and it looks like this one will actually last. Not only is Kate Middelton beautiful, but she is also a very smart woman. That may be sexiest of all. Hands down one of the hottest ladies of 2011.

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    Minka Kelly

    Minka Kelly has been a hottie for a while now, but 2011 was particularly good to her. She made headlines for her breakup with Yankee short stop Derek Jeter and despite it's short run had a starring role on the remake of 'Charlies Angels'. We can only imagine that she will get even hotter in 2012.

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    Brooklyn Decker

    The swimsuit model made her film debut this year next to Adam Sandler in 'Just Go With It' and looks like that's just the tip of the iceberg for this hottie. We will be seeing her in a few more films come next year so hopefully the world is ready for a face full of Brooklyn Decker, because god knows we are.

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    Blake Lively

    She continued her TV success with another season of 'Gossip Girl' this year plus she scored a big film role in 'Green Lantern'. Unfortunately she also was a victim of a phone hack where we got to all of Blake's bits and pieces. Too bad 'Green Lantern' didn't do so well because we could get use to seeing her in a flight suit. Mmm Mmmm.

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    Kate Upton

    Kate Upton took the world by storm in 2011. She was the cover girl on this years Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and made everyone want to drink a Sobe. Kate Upton is the kind of girl that is hot, knows it, but will also party with all the "regular" people. That to us, that is pretty damn sexy.