This year's 4/20 will be a jam-packed night full of music. Not only will Trapt, The Lost Sons and Frank Palangi be performing at Northern Lights, but Valentine's will also be putting on a show, including The Erotics, Blase' Debris, New Red Scare and for the first time ever, Mordwolf. This will be The Erotics last show in the Capital Region, as they will be heading out to the U.K. later this month.

The 18+ show starts at 8 pm and costs only seven dollars. Brand new band Mordwolf will be starting off the night. This will be their debut show, featuring former Selfish Needy Creatures guitarist Karl as front man and lead guitarist. He comments:

We are totally amped up for this show! Mordwolf has been rehearsing for awhile getting ready, and now that the rock n' roll boulder is rolling down the mountain, it is picking up speed and you can expect a lot from us in the future. Check out our Facebook page!

Mike Trash-fronted band The Erotics will be headlining the event. This will be their farewell show, as they will be traveling to the United Kingdom in just a couple weeks. Don't worry though, they will be back home in May.

If you've never seen the rock trio live, then this is your chance to, as they will be going out with a bang. I first saw them last month, and they definitely rocked the venue.  "Their music was a bit darker and harder, but still had that comical feel, and they reminded me of old school Alice Cooper, which of course was right up my alley. They were more along the lines of “what you see is what you get,” which worked very well for them. They are a no bullshit, no drama, no worry kind of band, which enables them to simply just play from the heart. If you like them, that’s cool, but if not, then hey that’s cool too."

For those of you who enjoy good, local music, come to Valentine's on April 20 to witness the first show of one band, and the last show (for awhile) of another.

We wish The Erotics the best of luck and safety on their spring/summer U.K. tour!