I would like to thank Scott for the inspirational title on this one, because NASCAR and auto racing in general is something I will just never quite understand.

You would think growing up in the sticks (Westerlo, NY) that a love for auto-racing would come naturally, but it is something that has always bored me.  Sure, if there is a big crash I am fully interested, because who doesn't like a little excitement?  We can just hope that no one ends up hurt afterwards.

Before you get on me about how much "skill" there is, of course I know that it takes a certain ability to be able to drive a car at those high speeds, I just personally prefer watching something like basketball, football, baseball, tennis, hockey, golf- pretty much anything but racing.  If they showed the race in highlights rather than hours and hours of going in circles, I might have more interest.  Until then, I will be flipping the dial whenever it's NASCAR.

Now this is entertaining.  Lets start every race like this!