Hard to believe the Cellphone turns 40 this week. Remember when there was a day we had to use a pay phone to make a call while out and about? Remember pagers? It's not that long ago but it sure seems like it.

This week in 1973 the first cellular call was made on a Motorola DynaTech in New York City. Martin Cooper was the creator of the cellphone and says it was inspired by Caption Kirk's flip-top communicator from  Star Trek. Martin is still evolved in technology  today working with his company Dyna and being an adviser to tech companies as well as the government.

Let's take a look back while we compare and contrast:

The Motorola DynaTech phone was 10 inches long and weighed in at 2.5 pounds. Today's phones weigh somewhere between 4 and six ounces.

DynaTech was strictly for phone calls and nothing else. Today's phones can make calls, text messages, give your directions - heck, it can even talk to you. According to reports; there are 6 billion cellphone subscribers in the world today, 1 billion being smartphones.

Pay phones were once everywhere as they were the main source of making a call if you weren't home. Now? You can find the shells of phone booths all over the place and in a very rare case you might find a working pay phone. Pay phones are no longer needed as we have our handy dandy smartphones in pocket to make any calls or annoying social media updates at will.