Wow, four Grammy nominations! I knew things were going good for these guys when I recently heard them in a TV commercial. Their latest cd “Brothers” is fantastic, and the first cut from it "Everlasting Light" is my favorite. I know that there is nothing to this video, as it’s just a still frame shot as the song plays, but the few people I’ve  personally shared this song with have really enjoyed it, so I thought I’d pass it along to the Q-family. Try not to get too sucked into the big, nasty groove of the song so you can listen to they lyrics and pay special attention to the last verse and soak up the line “Love is the coal that makes this train roll”. It’s a great one! I felt compelled to use it as facebook status after I heard it, and what’s even funnier, I noticed that the people I shared the song with ended up using it on facebook too. If you don’t already have it, do yourself a favor and pick up “Brothers”, and then Go Rock Yourself!