Even if you are a good person you love to watch people fail at something, especially when that fail happens to be hilarious and in slow motion. Pretty much every single mishap in the world is on video these days and even a new born baby has a YouTube account so everything is uploaded almost immediately. So let's look at some of the best slow motion fail videos that the internet has to offer.

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    Segway Fail

    I am still not sure why the Segway even exists. It doesn't go much faster than walking. At any rate, this idiot decides to take it off road, someplace a Segway was never meant to go. Result: His face meets the ground hard.

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    Cat Jump Fail

    This is something that I have witnessed my own cat do. Do they forget that they have back legs? This poor cat tries to jump a baby gate, gets caught up and does a crazy flip. Good thing about being a cat though, they always end up on their feet.

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    Wall Flip Fail

    This guy watched one too many Jackie Chan movies. Either that or he's just an idiot. He never quite makes the flip, but that means it's great for us to watch.

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    Hip Hop Treadmill Fail

    So this guy is obviously bugging what looks to be his Dad, and seems to be rapping, or just dancing like an idiot. I don't know who gave him the bright idea to carry his dancing over to the treadmill, or why it was on while no one was using it. You get to see this in full speed, then slow motion.

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    Reporter Zorb Fail

    This is a video that has been circulating the internet for a little while, but now we get to see it in slow motion. This poor woman never even sees this thing coming.

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    Trampoline Fail

    Whenever I see anyone on a trampoline, secretly in my head I am hoping they don't do something amazing, but something amazingly fail-tastic. This guy provides that when he attempts a flip, but instead of landing on his feet he over shoots the thing and lands on hit jewels.

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    Many Skateboard Fails

    This is an entire compilation of people failing on skateboards, IN SLOW MOTION! It's funny enough to see someone eat it while doing their best Tony Hawk impression, but in slow motion is 10 times better.

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    Bike Fail, When Face Meets Sign

    You see kids, this is why you should always where a helmet. I don't know if this guy will ever be the same. He smashes his face so hard he does a back flip.

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    Reporter Owned By Sled

    This is a classic video, but it couldn't be left off the list. Another case of someone should have known better then to stand there while reporting. I still can't believe how high this guy goes into the air. Watch it full speed, then slow motion greatness.

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    Amazing Race Watermelon Fail

    I'm not a fan of the 'Amazing Race' but when this video first came out I had to see it. The best part about this women getting slammed in the face by a watermelon is the fact they it's replayed in slow motion. Enjoy.