Heavy metal is a beast that just won't die, and thank god for that. While the big names of the past are still going strong there are quite a few current metal bands out there that are ripping it up too. The sound gives an old school feel, especially when they tear into a kick ass solo, or dual solo! So lets look at some of the best current heavy metal bands.


In Flames

Granted these guys have been around since 1990, they have managed to stay current and their sound is what most "new" metal bands seem to emulate.

All That Remains

These guys aren't from too far here in the Albany area as they hail from Springfield, MA. They are a favorite among metal fans, especially around here.


Mastodon bring a southern style to heavy metal, kind of the same way that Pantera did back in the day. Not that I am comparing the two, but it is a unique sound. Their new album "The Hunter" came out a couple weeks ago with rave reviews.

Bullet for My Valentine

They bring that English metal sound back to the forefront with their dual guitars and melodic versus. I for sure get an old school feel from Bullet.

Avenged Sevenfold

How could you now put these guys on this list? Everyone loves Avenged Sevenfold and I have never gotten so many requests for a song as I have for "Nightmare". Everything about these guys is metal.

Five Finger Death Punch

After the reaction that I saw everyone have at Q-Ruption to these guys playing live, without a doubt in my eyes are they one of the best metal bands on the market. They just released their third studio album too, "American Capitalist".