Part of me wants to believe this is just an ordinary everyday bus ride home in Cleveland. Its videos like this that make me really appreciate the dept I put my self in to buy my own car. I may owe 14 grand but at least I’m never late getting home because some old man who sounds like Herman Cain wants to upper cut a girl.

 “You going to jail now…” (Smack!)

 Saying something like “you’re going to jail now” is completely negated the second you swing your wrinkled prune like fist at the very person who assaulted you. Yes, she hit you first, however there is now video of you squaring off and switching to South Paw like Rocky. I don’t condone hitting women, but from what I saw in the video I can only imagine this man has put up with a whole lot of nonsense in his time as a bus driver. It’s unfortunate that this young lady ended up being the one he takes his frustration on.

Whats the craziest thing you've seen on a CDTA bus?