A group of college kids killed off by a psycho murderer around the Thanksgiving holiday - Sounds like the perfect set up for a great B-movie to me, but then you find who the killer is in "Thankskilling". A fouled mouth, puppet-ed, turkey. This is the crown jewel of low budget, horror films.

The original film came out in 2009 and now with the holiday season upon us, a sequel is set to drop November 13th. This movie is so bad, it's funny and you have to see it for that reason. Heck, the movie was reportedly made for just under $3,500.

Forbes said of Thankskilling, "If you can enjoy laughing at a bad movie, definitely add this one to your list".

IMDB describes the movie as "A homicidal turkey axes off college students on Thanksgiving break". The story is based around the spirit of an Indian who is, to say the least, pissed off after being dishonored. The spirit is reborn in a turkey that can talk and is our for revenge.

The turkey makes the movie. You can tell from the first appearance of the character that he is a puppet and the movie does not try to hide the fact either. The movie knows it's bad and it embraces the idea completely. Every over-the-top kill and predictable twist you would expect from a B level horror movie is here.

Like I mentioned before, there is a sequel set for release November 13 and this time around, they have a budge of $100,000 raised by fan donations. Both trailers, for the Original and Sequel, are below. By the way, the sequel is entitled Thankskilling 3 and has a tag line of "The only movie to skip it's own sequel".

WARNING: Videos may not be suitable to watch at work.