The Harris Poll recently talked with 2,368 adults about what they are most looking forward to when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner.

Sure, turkey was the number one food on the table but what about the feast itself and the leftovers?

40% of Americans love themselves some turkey while 21% are excited for the stuffing at the top of the list. The full breakdown follows as:

  • 40% - Turkey
  • 21% - Stuffing
  • 13% - Pumpkin Pie
  • 9% - Mashed Potatoes
  • 7% - Sweet Patatoes
  •  4% - Cranberry sauce

So dinner itself might be great but 65% claim that most important is eating the leftovers. Which might explain why three-quarters of respondents said they'd rather make dinner and stay home versus going out to eat for Thanksgiving.