If you're looking for the latest book for your Kindle or Nook then make sure to pick up 'Thank You For Not Laughing' by Chris Illuminati. 

The mind of a writer works a little bit differently than most other peoples.  A writer will see something, analyze it, and then over analyze it.  Usually they bring a certain sense of humor to an otherwise uncomfortable situation.  That's what Chris Illuminati has done with his latest book.

'Thank You For Not Laughing' is a journey into Chris' everyday life.  It's everything that he sees on an everyday basis while doing, well, everything.  Going to get coffee, making stops in the office restroom, and of course sex.  According to the Amazon description, all writers keep a journal, and this is Chris' personal writing journal.  It wasn't really meant for the world to see, but now the cat is out of the bag.

Not familiar with Chris Illuminati?  He is the editor of GuySpeed.com, and has been a contributor to many other websites and magazines such as Ask Men, Maxim, Penthouse and Cosmo.  Pick up this eBook exclusive on Kindle, Nook, or whatever eReader you happen to have.  You can even read a sample of it here.