Wow! Now that has got to hurt. Although no NFL teams showed up to watch his workout this past Tuesday. T.O. was insistent on the fact that some team would want to pick up. Well, he was right. But I bet he wasn’t thinking about this situation.

Yahoo Sports reports that the Chicago Rush have shown some interest in hiring Owens. "Terrell would absolutely complement our current wide receiving corps," said Rush Head Coach Bob McMillen. "His animation and over-the-top energy would be an excellent addition in the locker room, and the Chicago fans would undoubtedly welcome him here in Chicago."

Oh what a shot at T.O.’s pride that must have been to hear them say that he could ‘compliment’ their wide receiver corp. But I do think it’s a genius idea by the Rush to attempt to get him. I don’t want to see Owens ruin another locker room in the NFL. But I think I would actually enjoy watching him in the Arena Football League. Even though he’s kind of washed up at this point, he would probably be like a man among boys in that league.