Tonight a brand new show premieres on Lifetime. "The Week The Women Went" debuts at 10 pm and I am intrigued by the show's plot and plan on watching. Do you?

The series is set in Yemassee, South Carolina and turns the small town upside down when all of the women are taken away for one week. The wives get to take a week off while the husbands are left to care for the house, children and all of the responsibilities. It's an experimental show and I think it's genius.

 It's only seven days but I think the men will pretty much turn back into cave people without their better halves around. The funny thing is that if all the men were taken out of a town things would be just fine, but men can't live without their women. I laughed at the preview because it shows a little girl crying and saying she wants her mommy and the father, obviously overwhelmed and stress, replies with "I want mommy too!"

I'm looking forward to the show and I think it will be very entertaining. It actually first premiered in Canada and Nova Scotia a few years ago but has since made its way to the states.

Watch the preview clip below:

Will you be watching this? What do you predict will happen?