Last night many Capital Region teachers, educators and their supporters gathered in front of the Capitol Building in protest of the recent budget cuts.

Teachers across the country are having a really hard time these days due to crazy budget cuts.  Those budget cuts are hitting the Capital Region now and thousands of teachers are being laid off because of it. Last night hundreds of them showed up in front of the New York State Capitol Building to voice their opinions on the cut backs.

In order to make budget, Governor Cuomo has decided to cut spending on education.  Unfortunately that is going to result in joblessness in schools in Albany and beyond.  I blame the the school administrators for the lay offs.  Instead of using the money that has been given to them over the years to but things such as new text books, computers, school supplies and other things that should be updated in schools, they gave themselves raises and hired unnecessary assistants.  Spending the  money given to them for education on their own needs and wants. They need to be held accountable.

I have plenty of friends who are teachers and they are starting to see the effects of this and many are concerned that come September they may be without jobs.  That's not helping anyone.  If we are going to cut anything when it comes to education, it needs to be the outrageous salaries of school district administrators.  Some of them are making well over $100,000 a year and some are even receiving pensions as retired teachers!  There is a lot of corruption within the education system while teachers suffer for it.  I credit my teachers in middle, high school and college with where I am today and would hate for any of them to lose the opportunity to help other kids these days get a handle on their futures.

CBS 6 was on the scene last night for the big gathering: