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Pikachu Goes To Washington
It's possible he wanted discuss more humane pokeballs with the POTUS, but we'll never know, because he didn't have an appointment, and jumping the fence is frowned upon.
A 26-year old Rensselaer man jumped the White House fence on 9/11, and was immediately introduced to the ground by w…
Who Wants To See A Bald Bush?
I knew you would click this story. I mean come on, everyone loves a bald bush. It's not what you think though. Former President George H. Bush is earning a bit of praise around the country with regard to his melon. Frankly, he's done such a great thing, it deserves some love.
White House Considering Tapping U.S. Oil Reserves
The White House is considering tapping our oil reserves here at home to help pull down the rising cost of gas.  The last time our oil reserves were used were in 2008.  Of course Republicans are opposing this idea, while Democrats are supporting it.