Happy Red Tuesday
Today is the day that you are must likely to get dumbed by your significant other because it is a week before Valentines Day.
A Stupid Qpid Adventure (Video)
On Friday, Albany's rock station Q103 could not contain the power of love. It did not take money, it did not take fame, a credit card was not needed to ride this train, it was strong and sudden, and cruel sometimes, but it just might have saved lives...
One More Time! Stupid Qpid! (VIDEO)
The deadline is today at noon! get to and sign up to win something for your valentine, because everybody loves a winner!
This is the last time that I can post this video, because after noon today it will no longer be relevant, but don't worry, there is plenty of Dan America and St…
Meaning Of Valentine’s Day Roses
People always tend to over-think or over-analyze everything when it comes to their romantic relationship, especially during the early stages.  Here is one over-thought, anxious move that many women will be making this weekend:  searching the meaning of different colored roses online.