Movie Classics Turning 30 This Summer [VIDEO]
With a lot of the awful movies that seem to grace the big screen these days, it was refreshing to see a list of classics I love stand the test of time.  In fact, it was 30 years ago this summer that some of my favorites were released.
Tech Thursday – The Games That Are To Come?
Star Wars has been the basis of computer games for some time now and those games have always been popular. The upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic, the massive MMO Roleplaying title due out sometime next year is expected to be a huge hit. But here's a game that isn;t even being developed by a …
My Geek Realization
I've always known I was a "Geek". And I have embraced it. But I didn't realize how much of a geek I was till just today. I was out shopping for somethings for a personal project at a large retail box store that shall remain nameless. While there I had plenty to time to ki…