Toys R Us Plans To Close Hundreds of More Stores
About a month ago, we blogged about Toys R Us closing stores.  Well, it looks like the chain is going to be closing even more.  As reported by the Wall Street Journal this past week, and written about by , Toys R Us is now planning to close …
Colonie Toys ‘R Us Has Coolest Lego Ever
In my adventures in the Capital Region over the weekend I happened upon the Toys 'R Us on Wolf Road in Colonie. While looking for something my niece or nephew might enjoy, I came across one of the coolest Lego collections I've ever seen.
Toys-R-Us Manager Paid Hooker $31,000 a Week
This is one of the most entertaining stories I’ve heard in a long time! Not so much because some guy royally messed up both his personal and professional lives, but because of what the judge asked the prostitute at the hearing. Continue on to learn more.