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50th Anniversary Tour For The Rolling Stones?
Perhaps the most famous band in the world, The Rolling Stones have hinted that they might be venturing out on a tour to mark the 50th anniversary of their debut gig. They might be getting older, but they still have the gift and talent of rock, and it seems they will be taking advantage of it as long…
Bands Break The Bank For Private Shows
Ever day dream about having ohhhhhh, say - Axel Rose, sing at your birthday party?  Well, if you have a few dollars laying around, you can probably live that dream.  Of course, by a few dollars, I mean a million.
In a recent article written by Mark Cina, "The Shocking Amounts Of Money A Singer C…
Billboard Reaches 1000 Number 1 Tunes
The Billboard Chart has reached its 1,000th number 1 song! Since its inception in August of 1958, countless artists have had the pleasure of gracing themselves atop the coveted list.
The milestone song, "Born This Way", belongs to Lady Gaga...
The 14 Most Deadliest Concerts Ever
If you're a frequent concert-goer, than you know how quickly the crowd can get out of hand. People get pushed, shoved, beaten, etc, and mosh pits don't help the matter. Here are 14 concerts that turned deadly, literally.