The Power of Pauly Shore
Son in Law is on Netflix and that makes me happy because I am always saying "Ever notice that there are not a lot of Thanksgiving movies?"
I watched Son in Law but I noticed something weird.
A Dan America Thanksgiving (Videos NSFW)
I fear that I've failed in my quest to restore the spirit of Thanksgiving in America, and now, this is my last stand, because Americans will go shopping, it's hard to compete with a good sale, especially when you're not selling anything.
Americans will continue to refuse to celebrate Thanksgiving bec…
Best Thanksgiving Television Episodes (Video)
In my quest to restore the spirit of Thanksgiving, in America, I have posted many Thanksgiving themed blogs, I even slurped the Turkey, but I have not blogged about my favorite TV Show episodes yet, until now.
When I first started this blog, I went to YouTube to find a good compilation of Thanksgivin…

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