Denmark Creates ‘Fat Tax’
No, it’s not extra taxes for fat people. It’s a tax on foods with saturated fat. Denmark is going to tax 16 kroner (which is about 3 dollars) for every kilogram of saturated fat in foods.
Tax Day Extended Until Monday
Usually taxes are due on April 15th. This year an obscure holiday in Washington D.C. has the date pushed back to Monday April 18th.  All you procrastinators can thank Abraham Lincoln for the 72 hour extension.
Tech Thursday – Tax on Your Cell Phone At All Time High
It’s no big secret that New York has some of the highest taxes in the country. Property, sales, and income to name a few. But a new report also shows that New Yorkers pay more than 20 percent of their wireless bills in taxes and fees thanks to outdated and duplicated surcharges.
Vince Neil In More Trouble
Just yesterday Motley Crue lead singer Vince Neil plead guilty to DWI charges in Las Vegas.  Now it seems as thought he is more trouble because of massive back taxes.