Crater From World’s Third Largest Asteroid Found In Australia
After witnessing some of the damage that a dinner table-sized meteor did last week after crashing into central Russia, imagine the magnitude of destruction that would have occurred if that flaming rock was the length of 18 football fields. Now stop imagining, because scientists say it happened.
Watch Asteroid Pass Earth Live [LIVE STREAM]
NASA has set up a live web stream using several telescopes from all over the world to observe asteroid 2012 DA14 - which is not going to hit Earth. This is the closest to Earth that an object of this size will pass since we've been observing space in modern times. The asteroid wi…
NASA Venus Transit Satellite Footage [VIDEO]
Last night was the chance to see something that happens once every 130 years or so.  If you missed it, you probably won't get another shot to see it.  Check out this exclusive satellite footage from NASA of the Venus transit.

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