Sony Developers Share Thoughts on PS4’s DualShock 4
After Sony showcased the PlayStation 4 at a private event a few months ago, the company has been rather quiet about its upcoming next generation console. On Thursday however, Sony broke its silence, and delivered a new video detailing what makes the new DualShock 4 controller so special.
Sony Announces New Digital Walkman Players
Despite the much-ballyhooed reports of the Walkman’s demise in 2010 — as well as the fact that it no longer plays cassettes — Sony has revived the brand for a new lineup of digital music players.
Tech Tuesday – nD Indie Game Platform. Watch out Nintendo!
I'm a Nintendo fan. I love a lot of their games and I have a Wii and a Nintendo DS.  I owned a Gamecube and plan on upgrading to a WiiU when personal economics allow. But every now and then something really inspiring comes along to shake my loyalty to a well proven company or platform. Thi…
Tech Thursday – Sony’s PSN Hacked: Customer Data In The Wild!
This has not been a good year so far for Sony. First their main encryption key for the PS3 was broken and then the data on how to do it was released on the Internet. Now Sony has announced that their PlayStation Network, has been hacked and customer's personal info may have been stolen.

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