Alec Baldwin -Aspen’s Crush of the Night
I'm a big fan of 30 Rock. I watch it whenever I can. At first I wasn't a big fan I never really watched it but after awhile it started to grow on me. Just like Alec Baldwin, I think he is hilarious in the show. That's why tonight he is my crush.
Andy Samberg- Aspen’s Crush of the Night
Andy Samberg has a new movie coming out tomorrow with Adam Sandler That's My Boy, which is hilarious I've already seen it. I seriously would recommend it if you like raunchy comedies like I do. That's why tonight Andy Samberg has to be my crush of the night.
Jim Breuer – Aspen’s Crush of the Night
Let's face it Jim Breuer is hilarious!! I've been a huge fan of his since his days on SNL back in the 90's. He'll be at the Upstate Concert Hall tomorow night , so it's the perfect time for him to be my crush of the night.
Fifty Shades Of Grey Skit On Saturday Night Live [VIDEO]
Seems like every woman is now reading the mommy porn book 'Fifty Shades of Grey'. Saturday Night Live did a hilarious spoof on it for Mother's Day.  Something to think about as you bust in on Mom when she is reading the book. If you missed the skit Saturday night watch it how...

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