Prison Fails to Rehabilitate Man On How To Purchase Shoes
I'm sure most of this is correct. 15 years ago a guy goes to a shoe store in Toms River Jersey (I'm not gonna give them the free plug like the video below). Somehow the purchase goes terribly wrong, there's a knife involved, guy gets put in prison for 15 years...
Crowd Knocks Mall Door Off Hinges For Air Jordans [VIDEO]
When I was a kid I longed for Air Jordans. And why wouldn't I? The Bulls were killing it and MJ was born and lived in the same city I was from. Win-win if you ask me! Problem is, they cost $100 beans and Mama Adams wasn't made of money. Fast forward to today.
Phil Labonte To Auction Off Shoes For Charity
All That Remains vocalist Phil Labonte is a generous soul, and he is doing another good deed by auctioning off an old, stage-worn pair of shoes. This might sound a little odd, but it's for charity and these shoes have been around and could tell a bunch of stories if only they were able to talk.