Supermodel Plays Tennis in Underwear [VIDEO]
26-year-old Israeli supermodel Bar Rafaeli took to the tennis court to play some tennis against an invisible opponent wearing only underwear for a ad to promote a new line of clothing.  Nothing beats looking at a supermodel playing a sport wearing underwear. Heck, she even picks a wed…
Kim Kardashian Tweets Sexy Workout Pic
Kim Kardashian is someone that the world loves to hate.  Well, some people love her, but most people don't.  This new picture showing off her sexy toned body while in a sports bra has us picking our jaws up off the ground.
Kate Upton’s Burger Commercial [VIDEO]
You can never have enough of Kate Upton.  After watching Kate's new burger commercial, I need to find a Carl's Jr and a Drive In immediately.   This burger is so good and so hot it makes sweat bead down Kate's cleavage, also causing her to remove some of her clothing.&n…
This Dancer’s Butt Has To Be Seen To Be Believed [VIDEO]
About a week ago, folks started to notice that the lady dancer in this four month old video of a random dance performance in Brazil has probably THE FINEST BOTTOM IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD, causing the clip to go viral.
As you will see, not only does the woman in question have a perfectly shaped ba…
Hot Girls Pillow Fight [VIDEO]
It's a rainy crappy day in Albany, so let's take your mind away from it all!  What happens when you have hot girls in skimpy clothes, add goose down stuffed pillows, squirt guns and whipped cream?  How about two minutes of fun! Please make sure to video i…
Sexy Sax Man Strikes
He is known as Sexy Sax Man and he is at it again.  He has videos up all over YouTube of him breaking into various places playing his sexy saxophone solos.  It reminds me of the Sergio skit on SNL that Jon Hamm did  not to long ago.  Very funny stuff.

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