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Jack White Rocks The SNL Stage
This week 'Saturday Night Live' finally had a decent musical performance by former White Stripes frontman, Jack White.   He performed a couple songs off of his new album, including the single 'Love Interruption'.
SNL Looks At What Hogwarts Would Be Like In 2020 [VIDEO]
Daniel Radcliffe was the latest host of Saturday Night Live so of course they had to do something on Harry Potter.  I thought they handled it really well when it came time for the Potter sketch.  Not only was Radcliffe able to poke fun at the series that made him famous, and no doubt type cast him, …
SNL Runs Down America’s Most Powerful Groups and People [VIDEO]
As it turns out our President may not be the most powerful or influential person in the country, big surprise right?  In the opening of this weeks Saturday Night Live Fred Armisen once again broke out his President Obama impression and ran down a list of the most powerful people and groups in the go…
SNL Introduces The ‘Me Time’ Mattress [VIDEO]
Once again Saturday Night Live had me rolling on the floor laughing with one of their commercial spoofs.  This time it was the Kemper-Pedic 'Me Time" Mattress.  You Know, so you don't wake up the person you sleep with while doing things in bed that may be making noises.  Like for instance, maki…
SNL Schweddy Balls Now an Ice Cream Flavor [VIDEO]
Who doesn't like the taste of Schweddy Balls?  Inspired from a Saturday Night Live Skit - Schweddy Balls is now a Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Flavor.  The company  announced the new flavor will be joining the line up of ice cream flavors in a limited run.

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