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San Diego Chargers Kicker Caught On Camera [VIDEO]
At the end of a big game, you're called upon to kick the winning field goal but before you can do that you suddenly realize you have to pee.  San Diego Chargers kicker Nick Novak was caught urinating on the side lines by the FOX camera's. Didn't matter he still missed the kick a…
Mrozek’s NFL Lock Of Week 2
Yes, I am from New England. And yes, I am a Patriot fan. But I learned early on in my gambling days to not let your heart get in the way of your wallet. So that’s why I’m all over the San Diego Super Chargers +7 this Sunday. I’ve been thinking abo…
Mrozek’s Super Bowl Prediction On NBC Tonight
Yes, I know the Packers will make every attempt to defend their title. Yes, I know the Philadelphia Eagles have already been dubbed as the ‘Dream team’. But I really like what I saw with Jason Garrett as head coach last year.