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Slash Turns 50 Today (Video)
Someone must of lost a bet, because today is Slash's 50th birthday and although Slash is 3 years younger then his former bandmate Axl Rose, Slash has aged like a fine wine by comparison.
How about some ROCK?!?!?
Not everyone is "Merry" today. Not all Americans celebrate Christmas or they just can't get away from it. Some of us have had enough of all the holly jolly movies, commercials and music. That is where Q103 comes in.
84 Year Old Rocker Collapses On Stage
First off, isn’t it amazing that Chuck Berry is still out there performing at such an age? Secondly, it’s no wonder that he keeled over, the guy played not one, but two shows the night before in NYC! Somebody tell Chuck that he’s not a kid anymore...