Rob Lowe’s Peyton Manning Tweets Cause Controversy
When you think of football expert one of the first people that comes to mind is actor Rob Lowe.  Wait, he isn't?  Well apparently he thinks that he is because he told everyone yesterday that Peyton Manning would be officially retiring.
No NFL Comeback For Tiki Barber
The former NY Giants running back was hoping to have a big comeback this year in the NFL, but it looks like nobody wanted him.  Yahoo Sports is reporting that he isn't taking it very well either.
Lance Armstrong Retires
World-famous cyclist and seven-time winner of the Tour de France Lance Armstrong has announced his retirement from the sport.
Brett Favre Will Retire
Maybe he will actually hang it up for good this time.  He never used the word "retirement", but #4 did say that it's time and has no regrets.