Dave Mustaine Endorses Rick Santorum
Megadeth front man Dave Mustaine took time out of his busy Gigantour schedule to throw his support towards Republican Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum.   Mustaine, who hopes the next President in the United States is republican believes only Santorum can get the job done right.
Herman Cain Suspends Presidential Campaign [VIDEO]
Is this the end of Herman Cain or not? Saturday afternoon, he announced that he is suspending his presidential bid.   He pledged that he will not go away, but his chances of becoming the republican nominee are now very slim.  His campaign has been littered with sexual misconduct and i…
Herman Cain’s Ridiculous Campaign Ad [VIDEO]
Herman Cain is not likely to make it past the candidate stage of the Presidential race for 2012, but that's not stopping him from cooking up quite the campaign.  It doesn't have that traditional ad campaign feel either.  It's chock full of guys smoking and background singers…
Trump Backs Down from Presidential Election
Donald Trump has decided to back down from the Presidential election. He's clearly got too much in his life going on in his life right now, and still has a lot going for him. Maybe with time he will change his mind.
Honestly, I have high hopes for him...