Dude Decides: Karaoke On The Train Is OK [VIDEO]
Ahhhhhh, the joy of booze, headphones and a complete lack of thought for thy neighbor. Frankly, and in this case, thank you to this mysterious man who went HAM on the train without a care in the world.
Drunk Guy Sings Queen In Back Of Cop Car [Video]
Now we all love to sing wile intoxicated, but would you sing in the back of a cop car? Apparently this guy didn't even care about the fact that he was arrested. This Canadian fellow was arrested for being drunk in public. At first, he proclaims he was "only being sort of intoxicat…
Freddie Mercury’s Birthday Honored With Google Doodle [VIDEO]
To commemorate what would have been Queen singer Freddie Mercury’s 65th birthday this weekend, Google published a Mercury-ized doodle on their homepage, along with an accompanying animated video. The clip imagines the late star (who passed away in 1991 due to AIDS complications), cav…

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