Pro wrestling

10 Greatest Sidekicks in Wrestling History
Anyone who has watched wrestling over the years knows all about the managers that stand in the corner of their favorite wrestlers. From the late great Miss Elizabeth to the "Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart, but what about a wrestler's faithful sidekick? You know, the people that are r…
Pro Wrestling Zombies [VIDEO]
It really doesn't get better than zombies who also happen to pro wrestle. I recently was involved in an event under the brand of Fight called Zombie Wrestling in Toronto.
Best Touchdown Dance Of All Time [VIDEO]
The arena football team the Utah Blaze brings you the best of both world’s with the greatest touchdown dance of all time. Run a kick back for the TD? Check. Take a sweet clothesline from an unsuspecting team mate? Check! Let your big ass teammate Tevara drop the Rock’…

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