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What Does Your Beer Choice Say About Your Dating & Sex Life?
This Saturday, it's Oktobeerfest at the Saratoga County Fairgrounds with over 27 different German and fall craft beers. This is the perfect time to expand your pallet of beer favorites by sampling them all.
Now, of course, some people have their preferences and refuse to shy away from them for any re…
Five Rules To Help You Not Suck At Online Dating
The other day, M was iming a buddy, and he turns to me and says, “So, R's on”
“Wait...what?” I asked, incredulity tinging my voice.
“Yeah. He's frustrated with his single status, and can't find a date in his wood s…
Your Date Stalked You On Facebook
When you meet someone new or finally get a date with the person you've been after, have you ever had the urge to "Stalk" them on social media? You know, to find out a little more information about them, their friends, family, etc. Think it's kinda stalker-ish, even creepy…