MCMR: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure And More
It’s the weekend! And what goes better with the weekend than movies.  Except that they’re expensive.  So let us waste our money and tell you if anything’s worth going to see, or instead, what our choices are for a “downloadable.&CloseCu…
MCMR: Red Sparrow, Game Night, and More
Movies are expensive! We know! And while we’re not movie experts, we are Middle Class and we can help tell you what’s worth spending your hard earned money on.  Let us waste our money, and give you a verdict- from being worth rental prices to matinee to prime tim…
The Hate File
On this episode of The Generation X Files: Tatiana and I sit down with man behind our custom music Chris Laplante and local film maker Kyle Kleege, to rant, rave and vent about our frustrations in regards to life, the world and other things.
Middle Class Movie Review: The Post, I, Tonya, & More
To rent, to download, or to actually spend money and go to the movies.... one of the many middle class questions.  Because let’s face it- if you’re middle class like me, the movies are expensive!!  Watch this week’s “Middle Class Movie …

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