Michael Jordan

Crowd Knocks Mall Door Off Hinges For Air Jordans [VIDEO]
When I was a kid I longed for Air Jordans. And why wouldn't I? The Bulls were killing it and MJ was born and lived in the same city I was from. Win-win if you ask me! Problem is, they cost $100 beans and Mama Adams wasn't made of money. Fast forward to today.
‘Space Jam’ a ’30 for 30′ Special [90’s Nooner]
Remember when SPACE JAM first came out in 1996?
It was a huge success. The first pairing of real life stars with the characters of the Looney Toons. It was a mix of live action and animation telling the story of Michael Jordan's first retirement from the NBA and how Bugs Bunny needed his help.
Monte’s Favorite Super Bowl Commercials [VIDEO]
As a Detroit Lion fan, I have never had a dog in the fight when it comes to the Super Bowl.  None the less, I enjoy every Super Bowl party that I attend.  This year, at the annual Valle shin dig, Monte and his friends will still have plenty of entertainment watching the most anticipated commercials …