Latham’s Lost Landmarks (Video)
Some of us still remember when Latham, NY was the place to be for entertainment in the Capital Region. I still remember the Starlight Music Theater.
It was not always the Starlight Music Theater, it was also known as The Colonie Musical Theater, the Colonie Summer Theater and the Colonie Coliseum...
Remember Saratoga Winners? (Video)
Some of us still remember the little concert hall by the Mohawk river, I saw my first Metal Show there, and I know I am not the only one with memories attached to Saratoga Winners.
Meet Three-Year-Old Alexis, The Youngest Member Of Mensa
Most parents think their children are geniuses, trumping out all others of the same age when in reality they are mostly of average intelligence. That wasn't the case with Alexis Martin's parents, however. From the age of a year they knew their daughter was special and today she is three-ye…