A Stupid Qpid Adventure (Video)
On Friday, Albany's rock station Q103 could not contain the power of love. It did not take money, it did not take fame, a credit card was not needed to ride this train, it was strong and sudden, and cruel sometimes, but it just might have saved lives...
Worst Places To Take Your Date (VIDEO)
Valentine's Day is coming fast. You need a battle plan. Because I don't go out much, I don't know where you should take your date, but I do know where you should not.
This first one is for the guys.
Don't take her to Hooters, especially if she already works there...
I Want To Give You My Love [VIDEO]
I am Stupid Qpid and starting Monday, February 1, you can sign up to win, a special delivery by me giving your sweetheart a whole lot of love from you.
Roses are red, but my rose is dipped in gold.
I'm hungry for love, but you and your sweetheart are going to be hungry for a romantic dinner...
Questions That Will Make You Fall In Love
The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show is all about love, there are 36 thought provoking questions, established by a scientist in 1997 that is not Doc Brown or Bill Nye. The theory is that conversation is the key to true love. I say that the questions are inaccurate, so I will give you …
The Best Dating Website On The Net [VIDEO]
Looking for a milking buddy? Wanting to bail hay with the hottest chick around? If you're lonely and just need a chick who will plow the fields glowing with love well here's the dating site for you!
When ‘Pet Names’ Go Too Far on Valentine’s Day
It's Valentine's Day. A day that women enjoy being celebrated and showed love, while guys just hope to get a little action for acting like they care (oh, you know it's the truth).
A little love and affection is okay but some people take their affection to all new heights with cute little 'pet names' …
Frisky Couple Falls Out of Pickup Truck
After watching this video, a few words come to mind. Circa 1975 the band Nazareth covered The Everly Brothers classic tune 'Love Hurts' and boy does it fit. Imagine riding down the road only to find yourself watching a couple get it on in the back of what appears to be a pickup? Of course …

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