Rob Halford’s Former Manager Suing Judas Priest
Nobody likes a messy breakup, but that's what Rob Halford and Judas Priest are going through right now.  Back in August Halford let his long time manager go, and now he has decided to sue Judas Priest for wrongful termination.
Breaking Benjamin Breaking Up
The lead singer of Breaking Benjamin has fired his band.  I guess that means they have broken up?  Although he could hire a new band. Lead Singer Benjamin Burnley fired the bandmates after learning they struck an agreement with a different record label.
The Miley Cyrus Sex Doll
Hannah Montana, AKA Miley Cyrus is in even deeper now as Pipedream Products has released the Miley Cyrus inflatable sex doll “Finally Miley." The superstar daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus is outraged by the doll and plans to sue the company that created it.
Tech Tuesday – Sony Sues Hacker, Gets His PS3 (Updated)
George Hotz, aka geohot, was one of the many people who worked on the jailbreak for the Apple iPhone, which allows iPhone owners to load apps and software on the phone not approved for the iTunes App Store. He’s now hacked the Playstation 3 and Sony is not pleased. Sony has posted a …