Texas Invites New Yorkers to Move there to Avoid Gun Laws
Are you unhappy with the new gun controls passed in New York State? Texas wants you to move there and is advertising that exact thing online. You may start seeing online ads inviting you to move to Texas where they have more relaxed laws.
Lawyer Has Sex With Client, Bills Her For Time
A Minnesota Lawyer has had his license indefinitely suspended by the state Supreme Court for having sex with divorce client then billing her for the time they spent together - Screw her once, then screw her again?
Sweden Trying To Outlaw Peeing While Standing
When a man has to pee, a man has to pee. We were designed with the right equipment for the job, which has allowed us, over eons, to let a stream loose just about anywhere we see fit. Well now, apparently, a political party in Sweden, famed for its feminist leanings, wants to make it illegal for men …
Joe Bruno Appeal Denied
An appeal filed by Former Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno has been rejected by The United States Court of Appeals Second Circuit. This decision by the court now allows prosecutors to retry him for thief of honest services.

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